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The process of finding PMF for a Web3 super app: Story of Sinum

We released Sinum in beta on the third month of participation in HUMANS. And we are still in search of our PMF, but now — with the great fintech advisors.
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11 Jan 2022
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What we are building

Sinum is a Web3 super app that aims to revolutionize the way users interact with cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. 

At its core, we have a non-custodial wallet, but that's just the beginning of its capabilities. We are making direct integrations with different protocols, NFT marketplaces, crypto companies, etc., so users will be able to carry out all of their daily crypto routines right on their mobile phones. And this is just the start of our journey.

The Sinum app is currently in its pre-launch phase, with the planned release scheduled for September (so keep an eye on it). 

Who we are

Our team consists of ten individuals, with a strong emphasis on technical expertise in both frontend and backend development, as well as design. Additionally, we have a dedicated community manager and myself, overseeing all aspects of marketing and business development.

As for me, I have been actively involved in the crypto and Web3 space since 2018, gaining valuable experience across various fields. My expertise spans from bitcoin mining and high-frequency trading to product management, which allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Why we joined HUMANS

We didn't know how to develop a successful go-to-market strategy, navigate legal considerations, and effectively develop the product. However, joining HUMANS changed everything, as we found experienced advisors who guided us through these challenges and helped us succeed.

Gleb Vinogradov, CMO & Cofounder of Sinum

What we’re gained

  1. Assistance in Go-to-Market Strategy

We had a request to work on the go-to-market strategy, and it’s where Masha Vyazemskaya, Head of Marketing and Communications at Rarible, came to help us. During our 1:1 advisory session we’ve got valuable insights on how to formulate user personas and audiences that our wallet could potentially target; to narrow down the value proposition; to develop the communications and marketing strategy for the successful launch.

  1. Community & Partnerships Building

On the other hand, we’re also working with Soledad Contreras, Director of Partnerships at CoinDesk, whose approach and expertise we really appreciate. Right now she’s assisting us with our partnership and community building endeavors.

We’ve been in HUMANS for about three months, and so far it was a really helpful experience: we’ve found and started to work with experienced advisors, refined our product positioning, and addressed all the legal aspects, so now we have an operational company and bank account. And we’re ready to launch!

What it leads to

We released the Beta Version of Sinum during our third month with HUMANS. We're currently in search of our PMF and actively collecting user feedback. We've also begun collaborating with a product advisor, Evgeny, who brings a wealth of experience in fintech from his work at Bunq and Kraken.

Who helped us