Web3 Pitch deck delivery service

We know pitch decks are boring and probably the thing you always procrastinate about. We help you to get it done quickly, good looking and with TAM/SAM/SOM no one questions. Once it's ready, we'll deliver the deck to 250+ vetted active investors.

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I can do it myself

Yes, but if you are here then you've probably tried and decided to spend the time on product building instead. Leave the rest to us.

Dedicated team

Your story and message will be concise, graphics that are only going up (hopefully, that's the plan). It will be easy for busy investors to understand, yet it will also stand out from the rest

Delivery to the real VCs

Chances are, you need a pitch deck done for fundraising. All of the decks are sent to the HUMANS deal-flow channel↑ with over 250 VCs (only active, not the ones that are still raising their own funds)

Not just content and design

A pitch deck is a mirror of your startup — and you’ll need to answer some in-depth questions. We will help you with market research, competitor analysis, GTM strategy, and P&L projections

No magic happening behind

Just dedicated analyst, content and designer pros delivering your best pitch deck


We will help you deliver your message with graphics, roadmaps, and tables. Investors will see that you care, but do not overcomplicate things.


Words don't come easy (if you read it singing, you are old). But yes, choosing the right words takes time and iteration. We will help you to communicate your message clearly.


Our team of analysts will conduct own research about your market and competitors. If needed, our experts can also work with you on creating a financial model and GTM strategy.

Less than 1 hour from you

Hop on a call

Our project manager will contact you to ask important questions for the perfect pitch deck. And you will be able to talk about your product, goals, and plans. After all, we will set up a chat with details, an action plan, and a follow-up.


Work in progress

Depending on the chosen plan, our team allocates time to work on the pitch. We will communicate with you asynchronously through chat to clarify details and revisions. The presentation Figma file will be available throughout the entire process. When the deck is ready, we'll remotely record the pitch with you and publish it in our Deal-flow channel.



You receive a Figma file for future editing and a PDF presentation with explanations of what was done. In the special package, you will also receive market research and competitor analysis (slides with this data will already be included in the pitch deck).


We know what we are doing

HUMANS is a founders-to-founders accelerator. We help founders get funded, achieve PMF, and attract great teams to build with. We’re doing it with the help of our advisors from Tier-1 funds like Binance Labs, Shima Capital, Delphi Digital, ConsenSys, and others.

Look what they say

We loved the office hours — great for goal setting and useful introductions. Workshops were also helpful: we're trying to apply everything, from tips on cold emails to different approaches for go-to-market strategy. Some of the information is certainly geared towards the future: not just for early-stage startups.


co-founder of Collectif.Finance

We attracted 400,000$ one month into the program — and HUMANS, no doubt, were very helpful in getting intros, polishing our value proposition, white paper and pitch deck!


co-founder of eesee

Everything’s great: so much so that we are even considering dropping the offer from an accelerator that invests in projects. Since Humans also takes up 4-6 hours a week, and we cannot pause development to attend both programs. The caliber of speakers is very good, plus, the lectures definitely cover the needs of startups at this stage!


co-founder of Collectif.Finance

We didn’t have high expectations from accelerators before that. It felt like the ROI from attending is quite low as you have to spend a lot of time and give up equity for a one-fits-all (no) program. HUMANS does the opposite of that: office hours are tailored to individual needs and we feel like the curators actually care about our project.


co-founder of Metronomo

As an advisor to the HUMANS circle cohort, my goal is to act like a brain and team extension for founders, both via workshops and 1:1 sessions. Given generic go-to-market strategies do not exist, I allocate more time to meet with founders on a 1:1 basis to define the ideas and execution plan that will help them with differentiated approaches to finding product market fit.


GTM @ Lido Finance


Pitch Deck Lite
You already have your pitch deck, and you need to upgrade
Delivery in 5 business days
Initial pitch deck required
A full-time team of project manager, designer, and copywriter
Personal chat for revisions
PDF deck with explanations
Figma file for future edits
Delivery to 250+ real investing VCs
Pitch Deck Pro
You need entire pitch deck from scratch
Delivery in 10 business days
No initial pitch deck required
A full-time team of project manager, designer, copywriter and VC analyst
Pitch deck structuring to succeed
Market research (for your sector)
Competitor analysis (for your sector)
Delivery to 250+ real investing VCs
PDF deck with explanations
Figma file for future edits


Who are this designers and copywriters?

We have an internal team of designers, copywriters, and analysts. They've already seen and done hundreds of Web3 decks. Also, we have advisors from Tier-1 Web3 VCs who carefully look through your deck, give startups their feedback, share their concerns and questions, and sometimes even ask us to set up a call with the founder.

Who is HUMANS?

HUMANS is a Web3 builders' growth kit. We help founders get funded, achieve PMF, and attract great teams to build with. We gathered 150+ advisors from Tier-1 companies and funds to help Web3 founders build, launch, and scale products more efficiently.

Who's behind the product and why should I trust you? 🤔

The same team that is building HUMANS. We partner with VCs from Shima Capital, Consensys Mesh, Republic, Delphi Digital, Stonks, and other great companies. You can see the complete list of our experts here — and decide whether they're trustworthy enough for you!

What if I don't like it?

We'll work on the deck in an open Figma where you'll be able to follow the progress — so, it will be transparent from the beginning. And we'll always be able to make revisions based on your feedback. A refund is also a possible option.

How to decide between Pitch Deck Pro and Pitch Deck Lite?

Depends on the quality (and the very existence!) of your current deck. If you only have a couple slides with unstructured information or don't have anything at all, we'd suggest you to choose Pro: where we work on your value proposition from scratch.And if you'd like to get a polished version of your deck, add convincing market research and work on the copywriting, then you can go with Lite!

What do you need from my side?

Information about your product, traction, and team — we'll discuss it on our introductory call. And then you can just sit back and relax while our team of copywriters, designers, and analysts does all the work.

Why should I outsource the work on my pitch deck?

Pitch decks are not rocket science, but you still need expertise to do them exactly right. And the cost of mistakes is very high: you may have a great product but still miss an investment opportunity because your deck wasn't convincing.
Our team of analysts will gather feedback from VCs, provide research about your market and competitors and turn all that into the best deck possible.

Still have questions?