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Written by the teams behind tier-1 web3 companies

Made on Webflow to be evolved with your product

Distributed to 500+ vetted active investors or 14k+ potential users

Get a landing page that attracts first users and investors — quickly

You probably need a landing page to

Raise funds

Test new hypothesis

Attract users

Deliver product vision

Your landing page is written and designed by the teams behind

Test your P(product) with our warm intro to M(market) and find that F(fit)


Together with copywriters and executives from tier-1 Web3 companies:
1. We’ll dive into your product;
2. Conduct our own competitor analysis and market research to create a better positioning;
3. Tell a strong and clear story. Your future investors and users will definitely get it.

Your startup’s main page

Get a capturing landing page with clear wording and clean design that helps you achieve Product/Market fit and raise funds:

1. Give you a landing page that evolves with your startup
2. Create a design that supports your storytelling, not overcomplicates it
3. Share freedom to add or edit content over time easily

Delivery to the audience

They will be the first to see your new landing page:
1. 14k Web3 startup founders and 200+ Web3 communities
2. 500+ vetted Web3-focused investors in our Deal-Flow channel

Craft the product. Leave delivering your vision to those who get it

Web3 products are famously hard to explain, sometimes even to those in the loop. We've cracked the code and know what to say to be understood.

Get backed by Web3 C-lvls and investors

Don’t let Web2 agencies misspell your story. Web3 experts, who understand your vision and amplify your narrative, will bake the landing for you.

Deliver your vision to the VCs and future users

Your landing page will be shown to the people you target, allowing you to receive high-quality feedback instantly. Feedback + iterations = higher chances to achieve PMF and secure funding.

Iterate quicker

Your startup is alive and will change more often than you think. We'll make sure your landing and marketing evolve along with it.

Let in analytics that bring insights

We provide transparent analytics to ensure data-driven iteration. Exclude personal assumptions from business.

You brief, you leave, we work

Start planning your 4-week vacay. We don't need to be in touch with you constantly. The team of dedicated project managers, analysts, content creators, designers, and no-code ninjas will get the job done.

Week 4: Distribution

Our Chief of Content will help prepare all materials, messages, and ensure quality feedback for first users and investors.
Deliverable: your brand new landing page's first viewers will be 14k+ Web3 startup founders or 500+ vetted Web3 investors.

Week 3: Development on Webflow

Our no-code ninja🥷 took your project. Actually, some magic happens here.
Deliverable: modifiable website built on Webflow with full access to your domain, including complete analytics setup.

Week 2: Landing page design and copy

That's when we translate your vision into precise language and polished design. Our team will work with you asynchronously through chat and Figma to co-create and refine your brand positioning. The outcome will be a compelling story that resonates with investors and users.

Week 1:
Product/market positioning research

Our analysts research your market & competitors for insights to stay ahead.

Deliverable: research with the guides on communicating your value proposition

Let them work on your landing page

Executives and C-lvls from tier-1 Web3 companies and funds.

Eugene Nacu

CTO, co-founder at Rarible

Stefan Piech

Macro Researcher at Binance

Juriy Gerasimov

Tokenomics Expert

Andrea M

Program and Product Management Leader | Digital Strategy | Venture Founder | Business Writer

Sarah B

Finance Operations Manager at Aave

Chris G

Advisor at Mintbase, ex-Global Head of Brand Strategy & Partnerships at NEAR Foundation

Soledad C

Director Of Partnerships at CoinDesk

Anita E

Chief Marketing Officer (web3)

Artem G

VP/Director @ Superlayer, Republic, Axelar Network | Prev. Immutable, Near, Unstoppable Domains

Laryssa M

Social Media Lead at Ankr

Kem B

Chief People Officer at Near Foundation

Elo G

Global Public Relations Lead at ConsenSys

Four weeks. One price. Your product is clearly explained

We create the landing that translates your vision and even deliver it to the Tier-1 investors and potential users.

A full-time team comprises a project manager, designer, copywriter, no-coder, and VC analyst
Guidelines on product positioning and communication
Figma file with the final design and wording backed by executives from Tier-1 Web3 companies
A fully functioning landing page with the analytics set up, built in Webflow
Delivery to 500+ real investing VCs and Angels or 14k+ your future clients

Don't just take our word for it

With HUMANS, we got helpful intros, polished our value proposition, white paper, and pitch deck — all leading to funding success. All in all we’ve raised $1,1m in the middle of the bear market.

Vladimir Sadkov

Founder of Eesee

We released Sinum in beta on the third month of participation in HUMANS. And we are still in search of our PMF, but now — much closer.

Gleb Vinogradov

CMO and Cofounder of Sinum

Graph Paper Capital selected us! It's the accelerator, backed CEO of Protocol Labs. And HUMANS helped us to become part of it!

Bach Adylbekov

Co-founder of CollectifDAO

As an advisor to the HUMANS circle cohort, my goal is to act like a brain and team extension for founders, both via workshops and 1:1 sessions. Given generic go-to-market strategies do not exist, I allocate more time to meet with founders on a 1:1 basis to define the ideas and execution plan that will help them with differentiated approaches to finding product market fit.

Valerie Tetu

GTM @Lido Finance

We spent about $50,000 of our own capital not knowing how the things work in Web3. And now, we finally raised $200k of pre-seed round in 1,5 months after working with HUMANS.


Cofounder of Stairways

We’ve improved the tokenomics and prepared for the TGE. It feels like you can find unwavering support from HUMANS at any stage of the product's roadmap. And so it was for us.

Kosta Seliuminau

COO and cofounder of Banksters


Who are you?

We are founders-to-founders accelerator. We help web3 builders get funded, achieve PMF, and attract great teams to build with.

So, are you a design agency?

No, we help startups with fundraising and product-market fit. We create a scalable landing page that evolves with your product. When you reach product-market fit and attract investment, you can create a landing page with a design agency. But for now, you need to work on storytelling. We will help you with this, because Web2 design agencies aren’t up for the job.

What if we miss the deadline?

We won’t:) As part of our work with you, you will have a limited amount of time to provide feedback and make revisions. We will work quickly and efficiently, meeting our deadlines.

We have experience working with complex products, and we are confident that we can create an excellent landing page for your audience. Everything else is on us.

What is the end product that I receive?

Landing page written by the teams behind tier-1 web3 companies and funds
Made on Webflow to be evolved with your product vision
Distributed to 1k+ vetted active investors or 14k+ potential users

What if I don’t like it?

We will sync with you at every stage. This means that you will have four rounds of revisions: at the research, copywriting, design, and even layout stages. With this process, we simply won't have a chance to make something that doesn't reflect your product.

Our landing page creation process is transparent from the start, so you can follow the progress of your landing page in an open file. We're always happy to make revisions based on your feedback, and we offer a refund guarantee if you're not satisfied with the final product.

Why Webflow?

Webflow is a powerful and easy-to-use platform for creating high-converting landing pages. It is easy to use and code-free, with powerful customization options. Plus, responsive, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly, with built-in collaboration tools and analytics.

What do you need from me to get started?

You may or may not have a landing page. We are ready to create it from scratch or update your existing one. The main thing we need from you is your product vision. That's why we'll ask you to pitch your product during our introductory call. Be prepared. We'll also take all the materials you already have, including a pitch deck (if you don't have one, we have a service for that).

By the way, regarding branding, it's great if you already have branding materials, but if you don't, we can create a landing page without them. This doesn't mean we'll develop branding for you, but we'll make the landing page reflect your product.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

Most likely, you've already tried to. Landing pages are not rocket science, but they still require expertise to create a high-converting page. And the cost of mistakes is high: you may have a great product but still miss out on potential customers because your landing page wasn't effective.

Our team of designers and marketers will work with you to create a landing page that is both visually appealing and persuasive.

Have more questions? Ask away