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Raised $1,1m in the middle of the bear market: Story of eesee

With HUMANS, we got helpful intros, polished our value proposition, white paper, and pitch deck — all leading to funding success.
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11 Jan 2022
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What we are building

We’re building a product called eesee – a next-gen gamified NFT Marketplace based on a ticketed sales system. Its unique setup allows sellers to maximize revenue and accelerate sales while the buyers can purchase whole digital assets at a fraction of their value.

Who we are

We have experienced team members with a long-standing background in Web3, blockchain, and crypto. Moreover, we have reputable partners and advisors from Chainlink, Rarible, The Graph, Utrust, ChainAdoption, and HUMANS.

Why we joined HUMANS & What we gained

1. White Paper review

As for our Tokenomics, we had a preliminary white paper draft upon entering the program, but we needed to refine certain aspects before presenting it to investors. With invaluable assistance from Eloisa Marchensoni, Head of Tokenomics at Shima Capital, and Vincent de Vos, Chief of Tokenomics at CHAINFORCE, we received expert guidance. Vincent, in particular, helped us with several key areas:

— Setup of the tokenomics with allocations and optimal vesting schedule;

— DAO structuring;

— Staking: rewards, worst/best-case liquidity, etc.

— Token circulation model (inflow/outflow, liquidity, etc.)

2. Get the pitch deck done properly

We needed a deck for Startup Pitch Roast and had little time to do it ourselves — so HUMANS helped us prepare the presentation for pitching: from the structure to the exact copywriting. The result? It was a success during the Pitch Roast: Tommy Shaughnessy, Partner at Consensys Mesh, gave us great feedback on it. We used the same presentation for the fundraising process, which was a success.

3. Develop a robust go-to-market strategy and actively execute it

We needed to develop our go-to-market strategy: how to build partnerships with well-known NFT artists and collections, how to grow our social media channels, and how to effectively communicate our value proposition while explaining the product to users.

We obtained all of these valuable insights through one-on-one sessions with advisors and contributors at HUMANS, particularly with Masha Vyazemskaya, Valerie Tetu, and Anita Erker. The members-only workshops were equally helpful — covering everything from creating user personas and building a community from scratch to utilizing on-chain marketing tools and channels.

What it leads to

Recently, eesee managed to secure $1.1 million in token-based Seed round funding backed by Daedalus Angels and got several commits for a Private round. And participation in HUMANS contributed heavily to this success.

Who helped us