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Contributors' note: Valerie Tetu, GTM at Lido, about advising founders

As an advisor to the HUMANS circle cohort, my goal is to act like a brain and team extension for founders, both via workshops and 1:1 sessions.
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11 Jan 2022
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I was brought in to give a session on go-to-market strategy, and accompany the founders in the process. 

Given generic go-to-market strategies do not exist, I allocate more time to meet with founders on a 1:1 basis to define the ideas and execution plan that will help them with differentiated approaches to finding product market fit.

In this specific cohort, the founders and ideas I supported were diverse: from liquid staking in a nascent defi ecosystem, to a community matching engine, or novel digital asset lottery platform. We discussed strategies that spanned from how to effectively work with partners to scale distribution and marketing, to how to engineer the most effective incentive mechanisms in a way to minimizes cost and drives retention.

The small cohort enables founders to connect more directly with advisors to get more specific guidance for their start-ups, and hopefully build valuable relationships over time.

The task of bringing your vision to the world as a founder is daunting, and this is where the direct access to advisors through HUMANS that are open to sharing experience with you is super valuable.

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