Web3 Builders Bootcamp by HUMANS

Open educational program for first-time founders



We know how challenging it is to build a Web3 startup from 0 to 1 — and get the help you need from the start. So we’re launching a free on-demand program for Web3 builders that’ll help you get through the main pain points of launching your startup.

Who’re we?

HUMANS is a founders-to-founders accelerator that gets Web3 startups on track to growth. We help founders build healthy relationships with advisors, accelerate new partnerships, and create action plans for their projects

We’re doing it with the help of our advisors from

Is it the right fit for you?

Would you like to network with other first-time Web3 founders to figure out how you can help each other — and build lasting partnerships?

Are you a first-time founder in the Web3 space?

Have you been struggling to get feedback on your ideas and find the direction to build in?

Would you like to get some insightson product development, tokenomics, go-to-market strategy, people management, and fundraising?

Do you need help in becoming resilient as a founder and adapting to current market conditions?

Are you trying to create an action plan for your startup?

Learn from the builders behind Web3 unicorns

What’s inside?

Versatile curriculum: from product development to go-to-market

Helping you figure out everything needed for launch: product development, tokenomics, go-to-market strategy, people management, and fundraising

Valerie Tetu (responsible for GTM at Lido) dives into marketing strategies when launching from 0 to 1

An additional section on becoming resilient as a founder

Insights from Web3 founders who were able to successfully fundraise and find PMF despite the current market.

Nikita Ovchinnik, ex-CBDO 1inch on key characteristics of startups that’re able to fundraise in 2023

Weekly open AMAs to ask your questions in live

Q&A sessions with VCs, founders and executives behind great Web3 companies

AMA with Chris Ghent, ex-head of brand at Near Foundation

Offline meetings

IRL meetups with other founders, investors, and Web3 experts: we held the last one in Lisbon and will also be organizing one in Paris soon.

Our Reverse Pitching meetup in Lisbon — for around 100 founders and VCs

Matching with Web3 builders with similar goals

Setting up meetings with other founders via a random coffee bot: to brainstorm how you can help each other and build lasting partnerships

Pre-recorded lectures by advisors from leading Web3 companies

First-hand knowledge to help you accelerate your growth — from those who’ve already succeeded in building for Web3

Roman Buzko (founder @ DEGOVERNED) explains the legal aspects of token and equity fundraising

Practical tasks that help you get from knowledge to execution

Templates, instructions, and peer-reviewed tasks on all the documents needed for your startup: from pitches to tokenomics whitepapers.

An instruction for writing a tokenomics whitepaper from Eloisa Marchensoni, head of Tokenomics at Shima Сapital


Product development in Web3 vs Web2

You will learn about the differences between building Web3 and Web2 products, how to gather and analyze customer feedback, where to search for the first customers, and what you need to start testing and selling your product.

People management

Here, we’ll focus on the essential roles for a Web3 startup, what to look for in candidates, and how to manage, motivate and support your team.


We’ll explain how and why should you issue tokens for your project (and when you shouldn’t!), what are the main types of tokens and how’re they used, as well as how to regulate token supply and demand.

Go-to-market strategy

Here, we gathered everything about delivering your product to end users. How to formulate user personas and create a go-to-market strategy, what marketing channels to use (including crypto-native ones), and how to promote your product on a budget.


You will learn about the funding options for Web3 startups and how to choose the one that fits you. We’re going to coach you on how to communicate your value proposition to investors, structure your pitch and make financial projections.

Becoming resilient as a founder

Here, we gathered stories of builders who successfully launched their products from 0 to 1 and their advice to help you build a sustainable business — regardless of the market 💚

Bootcamp is live

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